Guidelines for preparing presentations

CIDI length of presentations: 20 minutes
CONGIC length of presentations: 10 minutes

There will be between 20 and 30 minutes for debate after completion of the presentations of each session.

Presentations should be submitted in PDF format.

Authors should arrive 15 minutes before your session for the inclusion of your files on the conference computer.

Technical support: computer, projector, projection screen and microphones.


Guidelines for preparing posters

The poster should be printed and it is expected to follow the International Standards Organization (ISO) poster size format (A0), with 84 cm (width) x 119 cm (height), portrait orientation, and should have rope fastening. The congress organization will decide if the posters will be secured by rope or tape.

The poster should include:
name (s) author (s), affiliation, and contact email
title of the paper
concise description of the paper
clear illustrations of key aspects of your paper (if there are)
effective visual design