Communication: aspects and issues regarding the effectiveness of information systems in communicating messages, with research focusing on instructional design, form, sign systems, graphical symbols, maps, sequential art, data visualization, and storyboard.

Education: aspects and issues regarding the role of information design in education, with studies concerning information design programmes for higher education, educational artifacts, methods and approaches for teaching and learning within an information design perspective.

Society: aspects and issues of information design regarding the use of artifacts by individuals and/or their effects on society, including research topics such as social design, vernacular design, artisanal production, and semiotics related to InfoDesign.

Technology: aspects and issues of information design related to the production and use of technology by individuals, including investigations on human-computer interaction, hypermedia design, game design, augmented reality, animation, wayfinding information, broadcasting design, and the evaluation of computerized interface.

Theory and History: historical and/or theoretical approaches and contributions to information design, including research on early information design and designers, proposals of taxonomies, frameworks and models.